Shekhani Industries is a leading manufacturer of apparel and workwear fabrics. We produce high quality PFGD, Dyed, and printed fabric in 100% cotton and cotton-blended fabrics in various weaves including stretch fabric from 90 GSM to 400 GSM. The management’s emphasis to continuously strive towards eco-efficient and green product coupled with our zero tolerance policy in quality enables us to meet international testing and compliance standards..

Manufacturing Facility

Our state of the art production facility comprising of European origin machines is capable of producing 1.5 million meters per month in combination of Reactive, Vat, Pigment dyed and printed fabrics upto 72” (183 cms) width.
Osthoff’s Singe & Desize Machines Brugman’s Continuous Bleaching Range
Brugman’s Mercerizing Machines Monfort’s Thermosol
Babcock’s Stenter Machines Benninger’s Pad Steam Range
Lafer’s emerizing machine Stork’s rotary printing machine
Engraving department Inspection cum rolling machine
Fully equipped laboratory

Quality Control

At Shekhani, we ensure quality and consistency through fully equipped laboratory staffed with trained technicians. This ensures the fabric delivered to our customers meet all international testing standards. Shekhani Lab is equipped to conduct below mentioned tests in accordance with ISO, ASTM and AATCC test methods.
Smoothness rating Wrinkle recovery
Light fastness Crease recovery
Color fastness Pilling
Abrasion Rubbing fastness
Crocking Strength – tensile & tear
Stretch & durability press rating